Blessed are you, o lord; teach me your statutes!

Psalm 119:12

Christian education in the church is critical for the building up of the body, the strengthening of believers and their children so that the church is strong and solid, standing on the sure foundations of the Scriptures of God, and the doctrines of the church for His glory. (Eph. 4:14-16).  
Weekly adult and children's classes are offered, generally but not exclusively in age and stage classes that equip us in bible knowledge, doctrine, practical Christian living, and equipping for ministry where we live. 

Learning Opportunities

Sundays 10:10am - 11:00am

Classes exist for fellowship and teaching.
Learning together makes us stronger.

Conferences and Training Events

We are blessed with opportunities to grow together in quarterly and annual events that focus our attention on particular areas of information. Look for these in the calendar.

For Regular weekly classes,
No registration Necessary

We want you to attend any adult class you desire that fits your particular need.  Below is a current listing of the classes, where they meet, and what they are currently teaching.

Jr. and Sr. High Students

Meet on the 3rd floor of the Christian  Education Building.
Taught and led by Todd Robinson, assistant pastor for youth
Topic: – Exodus-Deuteronomy, Nancy Guthrie's book "Lamb of God"

College and young Adults

Grad and Career: Meet in the Gathering Place
Taught and led by Various teachers
Topic: The Gospel of John

Young Marrieds: Various Teachers; Meet on the 1st floor of the Christian Education Building.
Topic: The Gospel of John

Adult classes

Providence -Taught by Kevin Bridges and Wade Miller
Topic: "Marriage" by Paul Tripp
Logos -Christopher Marks & Andy Gray
Topic: Proverbs
Immanuel -Various teachers
Topic: Hebrews
Shepherds -Taught by Elliot Everitt
Topic: Reclaiming the Evangel in Evangelicalism

Sr. Adult

Trinity -Mike Peed, Christopher Marks
Theme: Navigating Your Identity as a Christian in our upside down world.
Covenant - Calvin Smith
Topic: The Doctrine of Christ
Canterbury - Jim Shipley
Topic: Pleasing God


Connections Class - below the Sanctuary
A multigenerational class with ages from 20's to 80's that gives topic perspective across every generation.
Various teachers
Topic: Hebrews